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The Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is a happy, active, friendly natured dog. It thrives on love and attention is always eager to please; intelligent, versatile and very easy to train, making them an ideal family dog. The breed originated from Scotland and was bred as a working gundog, retrieving game on land and in water. The golden retriever is a strongly built medium sized dog, with dark eyes and a kind, melting expression. They have a glamorous looking coat, which comes in various shades of cream to gold; the coat is dense, water-resistant and maybe straight or wavy. Golden’s shed their coat throughout the year, regular grooming will help to remove any dead coat and prevent any matting.

Golden’s require a balanced diet of good quality food, they tend not to be fussy eaters and so it is essential that they are not allowed to become too fat, as this could lead to health problems later on. They will enjoy a daily walk, however they should not be over exercised at an early age, as this could cause stress on their growing bones.

Daisy, Byron, Katie and Faith