We are situated in Penrith and 45 minutes from Sydney.
All our dogs play a big part in our lives and are treated as much loved members of the family. From a very early age I always shared a love of animals; living and growing up near the beautiful countryside in Surrey England; I owned a variety of pets from guinea pigs, hamsters’, dogs and not forgetting my horse “Nibs”.

Our first family dog was a golden retriever cross named “Lisa” who had a lovely kind nature. It wasn’t until we emigrated and settled in NSW Australia in 1997, that we purchased a pure bred golden retriever “Chelsea” and there started our love affair with the breed.

Having only shortly arriving in a new country, we found that owning a golden certainly helped towards meeting other dog enthusiasts, in attending obedience and ring craft lessons, an interest developed in showing.

The only trouble with golden retrievers is that you soon find one is never enough, so over the years, our family has grown with the addition of Faith, Byron, Katie and Daisy.

We have also welcomed into our home two gorgeous labrador retrievers “Gemma” and “Blade” who gave us much fun and pride in puppy raising for the Guide Dog Association.

In January 2000 I started up my dog wash and grooming business "Krufts" it has now grown to have a large number of happy client's, both owner's and their four legged friend's.

Katie (Montego Heavenly Bliss) has been a great asset to Bozgold Kennels with her impeccable bloodlines, many thanks to Rose and Colin Easton of Montego Kennels for entrusting us with her and enabling us to own such an outstanding girl.

At Bozgold we are extremely proud of all our dogs and the puppies we have bred and are now looking forward to a great future. We are members of RNSWCC and the Golden Retriever Club of NSW.

The Boston Family

Emma,Tom and Jane

Katie, Faith and Daisy