Bozgold Golden Retrievers are a small scale family run venture passionate about our dogs and the breed. We are situated in Blackheath in the upper Blue Mountains NSW about an hours drive west of Penrith. Our emphasis is on the quality and care of our dogs and for that reason we only have litters on average once a year and we are very fussy with regards to potential new owners. Having said that we welcome enquiries from everyone and will give you as much information and advice to assist you with your choice and ensure you and your new Golden puppy will be a perfect match for life.

Back in her native England Janes love affair with animals started with hamsters, worked up to her first family dog a golden retriever cross named Lisa and eventually ended up with Nibs her beloved horse! Born and bred here in Australia Gregs passion for dogs started as a small boy helping his grandad with racing greyhounds. Meeting later in life dogs played a major factor in Greg and Janes relationship and inheriting an instant furry family was part of the deal!

The Bozgold story started in 1997 after Jane emigrated to Australia settling in Western Sydney. Chelsea was Janes first pure bred Golden Retriever and there started the obsession with the Breed. It soon became obvious that owning a Golden helped towards meeting other like minded dog enthusiasts and attendance at obedience and ring craft lessons soon followed along with an interest in showing.

 Jane often says that these dogs are like chocolates hard to stop at one and within a couple of years the family quickly grew from one to five Golden Retrievers! While the number of dogs has fluctuated over the years currently things are a little calmer with only 3 dogs at home!

As if the Goldens werent enough Gemma and Blade, Labrador Retrievers, have also been welcomed into the family on a part time basis as foster puppies for the Guide dog association. A very enjoyable and rewarding thing to be involved with but hard to give them back!

 In January 2000 Jane started her dog wash and grooming business Krufts. It has since grown to have a large number of happy clients, both owners and their four legged friends. At Bozgold we are extremely proud of all of our dogs and the puppies we have bred and look forward to providing families with beloved new additions for many years to come. We are members of the RNSWCC and the Golden Retrievers club of NSW.




Katie, Faith and Daisy